Blake Watson comes to PNC from a radio background that has spanned a decade. Prior to being Pacific News Center’s Sports Director, he was hosting Middays on Power 98 FM as a radio personality.

Blake’s broadcasting career started in his native Texas where he attended American Broadcasting School. From there he landed his first on-air job in Center, Texas at Classic Country KQBB. After moving around East Texas and Louisiana chasing the radio dream, Blake moved to Guam for no particular reason—to him it just sounded like a good adventure. He started with Power 98 in the summer of 2009 and has been in broadcast on Guam since.

Blake is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers but admits it’s hard to catch his specific teams on Guam because of the time difference. He enjoys watching games, but more for the competition than the outcome, unless the team is from Dallas.

He still marvels at what the best athletes in the world can do whether it's Giancarlo Stanton hitting a baseball 500 feet, Tony Romo scrambling before throwing a football into a tiny spot where only his receiver can make the catch, or LeBron James making a fall-away jump shot look as effortless as a free throw.

Blake lives with his pit-bull Frida.