Clynt Ridgell

GovGuam spent $12.5 million on leases in FY2015
The Judiciry of Guam also made a case for an 8th Judge. 
Refunds will cover almost all returns filed through Feb. 6.
  UOG entomologist now unsure of exact cause of nanasu death.  
"We are not going to raise taxes, we're going to foster small business activities." - Governor Calvo during 2010 Great Debate.
"You did not have to travel you could have used that money to fix your villages." - Senator Mike San Nicolas
The $2.8 million-dollar contract with reliable builders will put a new locking system and security camera system in DOC's Mangilao facility.
One bill would fund $125 million worth of capital improvement projects for GMH the other would fund what they are referring to as gaps in healthcare or uninsured patients.
Bill 121 would fine companies who lodge fraudulent or frivolous procurement protests and it would also fine agency directors who are found repeatedly at fault for procurement issues.
During DOA's budget hearing on Tues. the Speaker said that agencies like GFD and GPD have complained about their inability to fill vacancies despite having funding for the vacancies because of DOA’s inability to process the paperwork in a timely fashion.