Tim McHenry started out as a visitor to Guam and ended up staying to connect with his Chamorro roots. Originally from Indiana, Tim traveled to Guam for an internship but after a few weeks of proving his reporting ability, was offered to become a full time member of the PNC News First family.

Tim is a graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Telecommunications and Journalism. While at Ball State, Tim did play-by-play and color commentating for men’s volleyball. He also held the title of lead producer for Ball State football games. Tim had a weekly 90-minute radio show on Ball State’s award-winning radio station 91.3 WCRD.

Outside of college, Tim has also had experience in the postal industry as a former supervisor at UPS for seven years in the small sort division.

When Tim is not reporting, he enjoys reading books, magazines and newspapers. Tim also enjoys traveling around the island and he hopes to learn more about Guam’s culture and history. He enjoys playing basketball and lap swimming and loves to spend time with his family. Tim also has a weird fascination with movie theatres.

Tim’s top three goals in life: be a hardened journalist, write a non-fiction book and win a televised debate with Bill Maher.

Fun fact about Tim: While competing with his high school swim team, he set a record for two disqualifications in one year.

The last time Tim was on Guam was during the major earthquake of 1993. When he returned in 2015, Typhoon Dolphin struck the island just two weeks later.